Alex and Jamie – 440 Sedan – Iluka

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Thanks to Alex and Jamie from Local Eyes Sydney for selecting Integrity Motor Yachts and our 440 Sedan for inclusion in their sightseeing and exclusive event business based on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater. Their new boat journey has been a little different to normal with their 440 Sedan Iluka built to survey standards for use in a charter operation. 


Jamie has kindly shared with us a little bit about the experience of purchasing their boat.









Why did you choose Integrity Motor Yachts and specifically a 440 Sedan?

We really love the classic lines of the Integrity range, a gentleman’s style trawler boat, along with how the layout is so functional and practical. It was really important for a boat that we’re using in our business to have connectivity with the crew, skipper and most importantly our guests. Our 440 Sedan achieves all that and more, with the flow through from the cockpit, galley, saloon and helm all on one open level. Plus the accommodation spaces are great, very very comfortable,

Probably the most important element for me though was the ability to have input into the design to be able to add some of the little things that we really wanted and needed to help with the boat in charter. Brett worked with me to review and implement all the ideas that I wanted to make the layout just right. Not many brands offer this level of input.

What did you enjoy about the purchase and build process of your new boat?

I really enjoyed the whole process, and to be honest I can’t wait to build our next boat. I conducted a lot of research, reviewing every Integrity that I could along with looking at other boats and brands and getting a whole raft of ideas together. Then we started the design and build process and I went to the factory on a couple of occasions to oversee the build, which was just a great experience. Having the ability make changes and additions along the way is just great, it means you end up with a boat that is perfect to your needs.

What was your experience like with the team from Integrity?

Brett and the team at the factory were great. Brett is a really good operator and I have a huge amount of respect for his experience and honesty, its invaluable when building a boat where you have high levels of input. Integrity is a great name for the business as it truly reflects how Brett works.

Are you happy with how your boat has ended up?

I’m actually really impressed overall with the quality of the build from the timberwork, engineering and through to the stainless, its quite possible even better than I thought it would be. The factory has onsite timber, lamination, engineering and stainless so I think with all the trades working together under the one roof you get a better result overall.

What I asked for is what I got, which is very comforting.

Would you have any advice for someone considering an Integrity?

Yes for sure, make sure you do lots of research and involve yourself in the process, it’s really enjoyable. Integrity provides you with the opportunity to bring your own ideas to the table, so you can get a boat that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Thanks Jamie.


Alex and Jamie operate Local Eyes Sydney and their new integrity 440 Sedan will be available for sightseeing and small intimate lunch and dinner experiences on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater.

For more information about Local Eyes Sydney and to enquire about an enjoyable day out on a brand new Integrity check out their website