Jo & Warrens "Big Trip"

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We’d like to offer a huge thanks to Jo and Warren from the Gold Coast for sending through an update and photos of their latest adventures on their 440 Sedan, traveling from the Gold Coast, up to the Great Sandy Straits and beyond.

The Queensland Coast offers some wonderful experiences for those who take the time to explore. We look forward to the next chapter of their "Big Trip”.


"Jo and I have just returned from our very exciting trip away, we were away for 3 weeks in total and got as far as Pancake Creek which is just North of 1770, near Gladstone, we were unable to get out to Lady Musgrave due to the weather but that just gives us an excuses to try next time.

We have already decided where we will go next which is up around the Keppel’s, there is a lot to see around there and most of the people who we meet up with said it is the best area of the whole Whitsundays, and these were people who had been up and down many times.

The boat went great, had very few issues for the first real trip, and we had many people wanting to have a look and making enquiries. The longest stint on the pick was 12 days without visiting a Marina and we still had plenty of water and food left, although we did catch a few feeds of fish though. I reckon we could have gone 20 days before looking to replenish supplies.

We got home with a few hundred litres of fuel left, and put over 100 hrs on the main engine and probably 30 on the Genset, Jo is annoyed knowing this because she wanted to go further.

It was a great trip and we did it alone which was really good, we didn’t have to worry about anybody else, we logged in each day with the VMR who were very good. We did have one very exciting moment when crossing the Wide Bay Bar (actually 2) on the way in when we were picked up from behind and surfed a wave in for about 200m, that got the blood flowing, boat stayed straight that was all I was focused on, keeping the nose in the right direction.

Looking forward to our next trip which will be up around the Keppels.

Warren and Jo

An Early Morning Start

Early Morning Start

Dolphins on the bow.  
At some stages we had up to 5 fighting for the best position.  
This was north of Fraser heading for Pancake Creek (Bustard Head)

Dolphins on the bow


Moon Point, Fraser island.  

A good spot to hide from northerly winds

Moon Point


Platypus Bay, Fraser Island.  

We were the only ones there - Perfect!

Platypus Bay


Platypus Bay

Platypus Bay 2


We headed ashore

Platypus Bay 3

Platypus Bay 4


Platypus Bay from behind the coloured sand dunes

Platypus bay behind the sand dunes


The Water was perfect!

Perfect Water


We enjoyed some cocktails by sunset - spectacular!

Spectacular Sunset


A trip round to the eastern side of Big Woody Island, Great Straits

East of Big Woody


They're big when you see them up close

Whale up close


This mother & calf was right beside the boat.  

We had the motor turned off and they just stayed there for 30-40 minutes

Mother & Calf


An early start back in the open water heading home.  

Some mornings we would leave before sunrise around 4am

Heading Home