Integrity Evolution

At the upcoming Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, Integrity will announce two new ranges – the SX PLUS and CE PLUS, or Coastal Express. The Integrity PLUS models are built on an entirely new hull which gives you the option of going at a faster pace.

Yachtshare expands with Integrity

In 2012, Anton Prange signed up for syndication on a sailing yacht with Yachtshare. By 2016, as the adage goes, “he liked it so much, he bought the company”.
The first order of business was bringing on an Integrity 380 Sedan.

Dealer Principal

In response to rapid expansion of the Whitehaven Group, Spectrum Marine has welcomed onboard Gavin Ward who will manage the day-to-day operations and drive sales across brokerage and Spectrum Marine’s new boat brands, including Whitehaven, Aquila and Integrity.

Cruising Post Card

Margaret and Allan Murphy are keen cruisers. Aboard their Integrity 38 Sedan, “Victory Lane”, a 2015 model that they bought in 2020, they enjoy regular sojourns with fellow owners at Southport Yacht Club where they have been members for 18 years.

Running a Boat in Following Seas

It’s never a good spot to be in when the bow stuffs in the water. One of the worst spots to be in as a boater is riding down a wave, losing steering and starting to see the stern swing out. The last thing a boater wants is stuck riding down a wave, potentially losing steerage and the stern starts to swing out.

New Integrity Project Manager

Travel restrictions over the past few years compelled us to introduce new means of communication among our team, clients and our factory. We have relied on Zoom, detailed designs and enhanced procedures to ensure Quality Control and to keep pace with production deadlines.

Best weather apps

Like everything else in life, even the weather has gone digital. Whilst you can still go the old-fashion way of listening daily to the VHF for weather reports, there are a number of weather applications for iPhone and Android phones which offer a great deal. Here are our top 3.

In Good Company

Peter and Alison aren’t strangers to the boating lifestyle. Abbey Road, their Integrity 460SX, is their fifth boat and second Integrity. Since making the move from fast flybridges to long range coastal cruisers, Peter had been keen to show Alison more of the coastline. So, when friends suggested a trip in convoy up to Great Keppel Island and other Great Barrier Reef Islands, they enthusiastically agreed to join. It was a great chance to test the boat, tick something off the bucket list and discover this beautiful coastline together with their dogs.

Brisbane River conquered

Fractional ownership or syndication can be fraught with issues however, Smart Boating, through excellent management, variety of boats and destinations, has hit the sweet spot. Call us biased however we think it is the inclusion of Integrity Motor Yachts to their fleet which has made all the difference and the good news is there are still shares available.